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How we help

Manage your international settlements.  Collect and manage your cross border payment flows, exchange currencies and trade like a local with named bank accounts.


Local named accounts

Collect funds in local currency accounts, with each account in the name of your business so you can trade like a local.  Create unlimited additional accounts to simplify reconciliation.

Multi-currency IBAN

Receive payments in 25 currencies.

Multiple accounts

Simplify collection, receivables and reconciliation with an unlimited number of Virtual IBAN segregated accounts.

Low-cost FX

Convert currencies instantly with real-time rates and clear and transparent fees.



Convert between 30+ currencies with real-time rates.

Risk management

Utilise forward contracts and benefit from the certainty of guaranteed future FX rates.

Simple UI

The user-friendly and intuitive customer dashboard means managing your account couldn’t be simpler.

Single platform

Using SettleGo means you benefit from access to local-named accounts, FX, payment solutions via a single platform.

Simple reconciliation

Access to multiple IBANs means you can easily control the flow of transactions from all of your customers and suppliers.



We’re FCA regulated.

Assured approvals

The multi-level authorisation ensures that every transaction is subject to the right authorisation levels.


International payments

Benefit from our international payments network to make fast, cost-effective worldwide payments.

Local payments

Make quick, low-cost payments via the SEPA and Faster Payments networks.

Bulk payments

Simplify the process of bulk payments via our API.


Simple API connection

Our developer-first approach and simple API seamlessly connects your platform to all of the SettleGo services.  Integrate your business systems and applications directly to your SettleGo accounts.

Full-service solution

We manage the collection, conversion, and payments.

Expand your capabilities

White-label SettleGo: Enhance your service

Increase your customer offering by integrating SettleGo services.  Manage funds in segregated, linked sub-accounts

Increase your reach

Grow your global footprint quickly and cost-effectively and trade like a local with multi-currency virtual IBANs.