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CPI – Settle Go partners with Onpex

Published: 2nd May 2019

Onpex has announced that it has partnered with Settle Go. The partnership will see Onpex support Settle Go’s platform with its banking-as-a-service (BaaS) software, integrating new solutions to complement its existing portfolio of financial services. As a result, the UK-based eMoney institution will now be able to offer a greater choice of fast, transparent and secure international payments to the European market.

Founded in 2015, Settle Go enables SMBs to trade and pay internationally, as if they were trading locally. Its efficient and simple payment services provide customers with access to low-cost foreign exchange (FX) facilities and international and domestic transfers. With the use of ONPEX’ services, Settle Go will expand its offering in the European market.

By integrating Onpex’ API-based solutions into its platform, Settle Go will now attach multi-currency IBANs to all of its customers’ payment accounts. This enables them to make low-cost in-account and in-transfer FX in 25 different currencies. The partnership also means Settle Go customers have access to local SEPA and cross-border SWIFT payments. With these facilities, the eMoney institution will be able to offer European customers transparent, automated cross-border payment and banking solutions. During the integration period Settle Go will also be making use of ONPEX’ front-end admin UI that allows SettleGo to manage its clients with an enhanced customer experience via a user-friendly interface.

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